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Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
the democratic -- demographic reason is democratic votes are clustered in the big metropolitan areas. john mccain -- excuse me, barack obama in 208120 congressional bishops with 80% of vote more. john mccain 10 by the margin. against democrats a lot of votes in those big states, but it also means there's not that many democrats into chasing districts. this time obama probably cared about the same number of states with a percentage. romney may have gotten that percentage and where to districts in utah. so maybe it's time for a political scientist and as political pundits to roll out another go about ochs, who has a lock on which part of the government before that will, too, becomes obsolete. thank you. >> now and it will tell us about the republican party. >> i think the temptation for republicans, going through any case, is going to be engaging in denial. and that's what you saw with the "washington times" piece that karlyn today. it's understandable. it's the human response. but it would be very smart for the publicans to get farther along from those stages and not stay in the denial stage very
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
a story recently about him, and we had john mccain talking about how much he respected him even though they don't always see eye to eye. but i will say this, i think that, um, the foreign relations panels in both chambers, um, you know, since i guess the '60s really have just not had as much of an impact on what the president does as they, as they used to. um, now, if kerry becomes the secretary of state, you know, then i guess you end up taking what he was hoping to do and having it at the administration level. but, again, that just sort of reiterates what i'm saying which is that you can't do much until you're in the administration about those kinds of things. i don't know, jason, do you agree? >> i think you made a very good point, and if i could just go back to corker also, corker is kind of this fascinating character to me that, i mean, he is in some ways almost nonpartisan in the way that he deals with a lot of people. i think this may be, you know, his background as mayor of chattanooga. but instead of going to the republican national convention in tampa over the summer, he went
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am EST
, you know, where the president was being pressured by john mccain, lindsey graham, greg, kenya people on the hill go faster. and the president spent a little more time to make sure that there was consensus in the region, resolution from the united nations that gave legitimacy, and partners willing to share the burden to get something meaningful done, which was the transition, difficult as it is, that is underway in libya. that's the way the united states prefers to do business. the more we can do it that way, it reinforces our policies. it reinforces our values, and that probably is the most meaningful thing we can do in terms of promoting outcomes that have public diplomacy at their heart. >> i was going to say, if you don't have the benefit of the doubt, just let public -- [inaudible] >> let me conclude by asking you a yes or no question. looking forward for years, over the next four years, is there any realistic chance of significant reform, we organization of public diplomacy, or significant increase for public diplomacy? >> yes, yes, no. >> which one is the no? >> possibly the bb
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am EST
the use of the web, and then john kerry carried it forward on sort of that aspect of it. but, boy, the bush campaign had it going. and then in 2008 where the mccain campaign had its up and then its down and then a little up and down, but the thing about it is whatever the state of the technology, the state of the art on republican presidential campaign organization efforts from '04 was lost in '08. and had to get effectively rebuilt, this time by the romney campaign. but only after they were able to get the republican nomination in april which was so late in part because of super pacs that basically kept the process going much longer than it ever normally goes. i mean, you know, historically as long as stu and i have been watching this and before that, when a candidate started losing primaries, their donors closed their checkbooks. you run out of money, you drop out of the race. and now with super pacs what's happening is, you know, sheldon edelson can keep gingrich going for a month or two more and prolong the process and foster frieze can do the same thing with santorum. so that
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4